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Top 5 cheapest station pints

Looking for a great value pint? You're in the right place.

We all love a bargain. That’s why we’ve been out this Summer sampling some beer at railway stations up and down the country (it’s a hard life, we know). But, this was all for a good reason. We wanted to find out about the best value beers. So, after we created our map, what did we learn? Well, here are the top five cheapest station pints that we found (other than Spoons).

What are the cheapest station pints?

So, we’ve got one rule for this list, which is that we’re excluding Spoons. Otherwise, they’d practically run away with it. Everyone knows that they’re cheap, and they know what they’re going to get. Their Aberystwyth pub (Yr Hen Orsaf) actually has the cheapest station pint in the country, at an astounding £1.71.

Instead, though, we’d like to give some shout-outs to independents and small chains that serve rail travellers and locals alike and serve them some great-value beer while they’re at it. We should add that these prices were correct as of June 2023, so they might have changed a little since.

5 – Urmston

We’re kicking off the list with Urmston (The Steamhouse). When we got in touch with them, they told us that their cheapest station pints were £3.75. This is a cask ale that rotates every month!

4 – Knaresborough

Next up, you can pay a visit to the Track and Sleeper and get yourself a pint for just £3.70. This changes pretty regularly, as we’ve visited twice, and it was different on both occasions.

knaresborough station pub

It’ll be one of their very own Gorilla Brewery pints, though. Trust us when we say that they’re all worth a try.

3 – Huddersfield

At the Head of Steam in Huddersfield, you can enjoy a pint of Buckeye Pale Ale for £3.60. Everything rotates pretty regularly, so the cheapest station pints here will change often!

Luckily, they’ve popped a menu with prices on their site, so you can stay up to date before you visit.

2 – Doncaster and Hartlepool

We have a joint entry for the second-top position when it comes to the cheapest station pints. You can choose between The Draughtsman (Doncaster) and The Rat Race (Hartlepool). We visited the latter, with its rather eclectic choice of decor:

hartlepool station pub

At both of these pubs, the beer changes very regularly. So we’d recommend popping into both and finding out the latest offer for yourself.

1 – Codsall

Finally, a pint of Holdens at the station pub in Codsall will cost you just £3.30. So, this is the cheapest station pint that you’ll find somewhere that isn’t Spoons!

Is there anything else I should know?

So, have we quenched your thirst, or left you looking for more? You can find our full map of station pubs here. Looking for more about pubs? You can take a look at our favourite pubs in the North East or Yorkshire and the East Midlands. We’ve also taken a trip to find some of the best beer in East London.

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All prices quoted were correct as of June 2023, and are subject to change. Railsmartr is not responsible for any disappointment or loss incurred as a result of the information provided.

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