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Lumo are the new kids on the block when it comes to running trains in Great Britain, having taken to the rails in October 2021 between London and Edinburgh.

Owned by First, Lumo is a company that runs trains between Edinburgh and London King’s Cross. They have five Class 803 trains, which were built by Hitachi. The trains are very similar to the ‘Azuma’ trains that LNER operate on the same route.

On board services


Just like on low-cost airlines, you can only bring a certain amount with you. You can only bring a small bag (to go under the seat) and a medium suitcase (to go in a larger luggage stack). Not every carriage has a luggage stack (A and E don’t) and some seats don’t even have access to an overhead rack. The former bike storage areas are used for the bulkiest luggage.

Food & Drink

If you’re feeling peckish, there’s a LumoEats service. It’s basically a chance to pre-order from station outlets and have everything delivered to your seat. If you haven’t pre-ordered, snacks and drinks are still available.


You’ll find free WiFi on all Lumo trains.

Travel with children

There are very few tables on Lumo trains. You’ll only find two per carriage, which is so that the carriages can fit as many seats as possible. You’ll also find one three-point plug socket and two USB ports under every pair of seats.


It isn’t possible to bring non-folding bikes onto any Lumo train. This is because they have very limited space on board. You can transport your bike with the LumoLuggage service instead.


Pets are welcome on board. Dogs will need to be kept on leads and other small domestic animals must always travel in a fully enclosed basket that does not exceed 85 x 60 x 60 cm. Lumo staff will also provide water bowls and stool bags for pets.

Special Assistance

You can find out more about Passenger Assist on our dedicated page. Staff help is available at stations for all services arriving and departing from Edinburgh, Newcastle, Stevenage and London. If you’re travelling from Morpeth, then assistance may only be available from the on-board staff.

Standard Class

You’ll find a small fleet of Lumo trains which consists entirely of five-car Hitachi units. They’re in an all-over blue livery.

The trains are all-electric, too. The interior is a little different to other trains of the same type. We’ve written about this in our dedicated guide to LNER vs Lumo.

Each pair of seats has access to two USB ports and a single three-pin socket. You’ll find that all seats are in a 2+2 layout throughout the train, as the entire train is Standard Class only. Lumo does not offer a First Class product.

Information about routes

Edinburgh – Morpeth – Newcastle – Stevenage – London

Fun Facts

The Lumo fleet is all-electric. There aren’t any diesel engines on board, though there are batteries to keep things running in case there’s a problem with the overhead electric lines.