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Gatwick Express

If you're travelling to Gatwick Airport, then you might have already heard of the Gatwick Express route. This is a brand of Govia Thameslink Railway.

What is the Gatwick Express route?

Gatwick Express itself isn’t actually a company. It’s just a brand! This particular brand runs non-stop trains between London Victoria and Gatwick Airport which then continue to Haywards Heath and Brighton. At peak times, they also serve Burgess Hill, Hassocks and Preston Park.

You’ll find a fleet of 18 trains branded for the Gatwick Express route.

This is the premium option for getting to Gatwick Airport, and it’s priced to reflect that. Gatwick Express tickets are the most expensive option if you’re just travelling between London and Gatwick Airport.

It’s £23.00 for a single and £45.80 for a return valid to come back within a month. Only this fare between London and Gatwick (the most expensive one) is valid on the Gatwick Express route. For travel to Brighton, only ‘Any Permitted’ tickets will be accepted. Staff won’t accept any tickets routed ‘Thameslink Only’, ‘Southern Only’, or ‘Not Gatwick Express’.

Coming from further afield? You’re free to use Gatwick Express so long as your ticket isn’t restricted to one brand (eg. West Midlands Trains and Southern only).

Looking for a cheaper option? We wrote about this in detail when we decided on the best train to Gatwick Airport.

On board services

3 out of 5

You’ll find overhead racks and bigger luggage stacks throughout the train. The provision is fairly average considering the fact that the train’s main purpose is to serve Gatwick Airport.

Food & Drink

There’s no trolley service available on Gatwick Express trains. We’d recommend visiting the shops at either London Victoria, Gatwick Airport or Brighton.


We’ve tested the WiFi and found that it had an average speed of 1.79Mbps. This isn’t particularly quick, but it was fine for general browsing.

Travel with children

There are plenty of tables available on Gatwick Express trains. You’ll find power sockets at every window seat for charging devices, too.


You can’t bringing non-folding bikes on trains that arrive in London Victoria between 07:00 and 10:00, or leave London Victoria between 16:00 and 19:00 on weekdays. You’re able to bring them on all trains on weekends and Bank Holidays at any time. There’s more information in our dedicated guide to travelling with bikes.


Up to two dogs, cats or other small domestic animals can travel free in both Standard and 1st Class.

Special Assistance

You can find out more about Passenger Assist on our dedicated page.

Standard Class

Electrostar trains run on the Gatwick Express route. They all have four coaches, but will usually run in formations of at least eight.

All seats are in a 2+2 formation and every window seat has access to a power socket. You’ll also find free WiFi and a reading light above every seat.

Can I upgrade to First Class?

As we wrote in our verdict on the best train to Gatwick Airport, there is a first-class option on the Gatwick Express route, but we wouldn’t recommend using it.

If you have a First Class ticket from further afield, then naturally, you may as well sit there, but we don’t advise forking out the extra money for it just from London to Gatwick. The experience is almost identical to Standard Class, including the seats.

Information about routes

London Victoria – Gatwick Airport – Brighton