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Cheap train tickets to Newcastle

Looking for a getaway to Geordie-land? Nee bother. Let’s have a look at the most popular routes you can take by train, and show you how to find the best ways to get cheap train tickets to Newcastle.

Can I get cheap train tickets to Newcastle from London?

This is the biggie. Now that we have Lumo on the scene alongside LNER, there’s a choice for people wanting to travel up from London. So, has it resulted in more cheap train tickets to Newcastle? Let’s take a look at what we see if we book a month in advance:

Lumo is definitely a little cheaper, but it isn’t groundbreaking. What we’ve found is that on journeys like this one, it isn’t really about who’s running the train, it’s when the train is running. If a company thinks it can fill a train with tickets at £60 each rather than say, £30, it’ll set the starting price there.

We’ve written a lot about this route if you’d like to know more. We’ve compared LNER and Lumo and looked deeper at cheap tickets from Newcastle to London.

Does Birmingham have cheap train tickets to Newcastle?

If you just book a ticket straight from Birmingham to Newcastle, you might find that cheap train tickets are a bit difficult to come across when you take a direct CrossCountry train. Here’s what you see if you book a month ahead:

So, it looks like £66.20 is the price to beat. How about if we travel from Birmingham to Carlisle on Avanti West Coast, followed by Carlisle to Newcastle on Northern, instead?

So, on the direct train, we can secure a fare for £29.30 one-way. Now, all that’s left is to find a train from Carlisle to Newcastle:

The next available train if we’re arriving off the 12:08 from Birmingham is three quid! That gives us a total of £32.30 and a saving of over 50%. While we’ve got plenty of time on this occasion, you should always leave at least eight minutes if you’re changing trains at Carlisle. This is the minimum allowed connection time.

Don’t worry if one train is late and you miss it, you’re still able to get the next train (operated by the same company) without any extra charge.

So, this is a slower option (it takes about an extra 90 minutes) and you’ll need to change, but you’ll save a packet.

I’m travelling from Sheffield! What are my options?

If you’re coming from Sheffield, you might think that the best option for cheap train tickets to Newcastle is to simply take the direct CrossCountry train. A quick look at fares a month in advance would suggest that isn’t the case:

It’s best to aim for LNER services from Doncaster, instead. The company that you use from Sheffield to Doncaster could either be TransPennine Express or Northern. It’s just a little slower, too.

Does Edinburgh get cheap train tickets to Newcastle?

You have a lot of choice if you’re after cheap train tickets to Newcastle from Edinburgh. Four companies, in fact! So, who’s cheapest? Let’s take a look:

This only covers three operators, with the fourth being Lumo. On their next available service at 16:13, the fare was £17.50. So, that means that TransPennine Express are the cheapest option. This is to be expected, considering that their services stop more frequently along the route.

What if I’m travelling on a Northern train?

Travelling from Middlesbrough or Carlisle, for example? Always double-check before you travel as Northern will sell Advance tickets right up until the train leaves.

Let’s see what we can find if we want to go from Carlisle to Newcastle right now:

So, that’s £9.20 if we want the train in 45 minutes, or just £3 if we’re happy to wait another hour. If you were to buy at the station, the single fare would be £19.70!

Is there anything else I should know?

The final thing we’d recommend is using the Railsmartr website to book your cheap train tickets to Newcastle. We’re completely independent, so we’re happy to ‘tell you like it is’ when it comes to rail fares. Not only that, but we’ll show you the slower, but cheaper options that some websites won’t.

Don’t forget that we don’t charge any fees, either. That includes if you change your mind and want to travel on a different day. If your ticket is refundable, we’ll refund it fee-free, too!

All fares stated on this page are for ONE adult with no Railcard discount and were correct at 12:00 08/06/23. All information is issued in good faith. They’re subject to change at any time and Railsmartr are not responsible for any loss or disappointment incurred as a result of the information provided.