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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're new to Railsmartr or looking for answers to your questions, this guide will help you learn more about our services and their features.

Payment options

Absolutely! We take card security and compliance very seriously, so you can rest assured that we store and handle your card details securely. We don’t get to see or know anything about them.

Instead, your details are stored by the payment gateway, which deals directly with your bank. The 3 to 4-digit code on the back (or front!) of your card will never be stored, and all transmissions between our website and the payment gateway are securely encrypted.

If you'd like to take a look at our security certificate, just click on the padlock icon in your browser's address bar. It'll look something like this: 

Website address bar with padlock mark to the left showing that card details are secure

This padlock tells you that you're on the legitimate Railsmartr website, and that we're handling all of your data securely.

If you have any questions about how we handle your card details or any other personal data, simply contact us

No, it isn't. In fact, there is no VAT charged on train tickets in Great Britain.

If you choose to collect your tickets from a machine at the station, then you'll get a receipt with your train tickets. You'll also get one if you have your tickets posted to you.

At the moment, we're unable to provide a receipt if you opt to use eTickets. However, we're looking to find a solution for this so that we can provide receipts with them, too. 

Not sure about which ticket option will work best for you? Take a look at our guide to eTickets and collecting your tickets from the station

If you'd like to buy a ticket, we would advise leaving at least 30 minutes between your purchase and the start of your journey. This is so we can be sure to get your tickets to you in good time. If you've chosen eTickets, we'll email them to you.

It also gives you enough time to collect them from a ticket machine at the station. More details on tickets are available here.

Yes, it's absolutely fine to buy tickets for someone else. If you want to do this, the most practical and flexible option will be to select eTickets (if they are available), as you can then just forward your tickets by email.

If you select 'Collect from station', then the person collecting the tickets will need your payment card to do this.

With Railsmartr, booking train tickets with no booking fee couldn't be easier. We simply don't charge one! Why should you pay more than the cost of your ticket? We don't charge any card fees, either. If you accept your card, then there's no extra costs attached.

Finally, we don't charge any admin fees, ever. If you've changed your mind about when you'd like to travel, then you can do it without any extra fees. 

If you book an 'Advance' ticket, then you just need to book a new ticket and send us the booking information. We'll refund the cheaper one. If you have a 'flexible' ticket, you can refund it without any fees, too. 

How do I book train tickets with no booking fee?

If you're ready to book your train tickets with no booking fee, you can do it with Railsmartr. Once you're on our homepage, just enter your details in the journey planner that looks like this: 

 first step in booking train tickets on railsmartr

We'll always show you the cheapest fare first, depending on whether you want a single or a return. We even show slower routes if it means that you can get a better price. Not only can you get train tickets with no booking fee, but you get a wide choice!

There's no need to faff around with making a user account, either. Just enter your details, pay and you're ready to go. 

Do you need a refund? Changed your mind? Just contact us. We'll always be happy to help. We aim to always reply within one working day, so you won't be left hanging around. 

Did you make your journey but you were delayed? Then you'll need to claim compensation from the train company rather than claim a refund from us. You can find out more information on Delay Repay from your operator. You'll find a list here

You can pay for your tickets with most credit and debit cards. Here’s the list of the ones we accept:

  • Visa
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa Electron
  • Mastercard
  • Mastercard Debit
  • Maestro
  • Amex.

We’re currently working on adding more card types, as well as PayPal. Keep an eye on our site for future updates! In the meantime, do contact us with any questions you might have. We're always here to talk.