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How do I collect tickets from a station?

If you opt to collect your tickets from a station, you’ll be provided an 8-digit ‘Customer Reference’ (in a format such as X8LKRT7W). You’ll need both that and the card you paid with to collect your tickets from the station. It’s usually quickest to collect your tickets from a ticket machine, rather than from the booking office.

What to do

  • Choose the ‘collect pre-paid tickets’ option on the screen
  • Insert your card into the card reader (you won’t be charged)
  • Remove your card when instructed to do so and type in the 8-digit customer reference on the screen
  • Select the journeys you want to print (it’s usually best to select ‘all’)
  • Your tickets will be printed. Check that the correct number of coupons has been printed – as well as your tickets there may be seat reservations or other supplements, and there will always be a collection receipt printed last.


If you have any problems please contact station staff or contact us. Our Customer Service helpline is available Monday-Sunday 7am-10pm.