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Can I amend an Advance ticket?

Yes, you can amend the time or date of an Advance ticket.   To do this, you must buy a new Advance ticket from Railsmartr.co.uk, and send an email to refunds@railsmartr.co.uk, before the departure time of the first reserved train on the Advance ticket that you want to cancel.   Your new Advance ticket must be:
  • from the same origin station
  • to the same destination station
  • using the same ‘route’ (for example, “Avanti West Coast only”)
  • the same ticket type (Advance)
Your new Advance ticket does not need to be in the same class of accommodation (it can be in either 1st Class or Standard Class). Also, it does not need to use the same railcards as your original Advance ticket.   Additionally, your new Advance ticket can be for travel either before or after your old Advance ticket.   When you have bought your new Advance ticket, you must:
  • email refunds@railsmartr.co.uk with the reference number of your original booking and your new booking. If you only want to cancel some Advance tickets in your original booking, please state which ones these are.
  • if you have collected your ticket from a ticket machine, or it was posted to you, then you will need to cut both the ticket and the reservation coupon in half. Then, you will need to take a photograph and attach the photograph to your email to us as well. Otherwise, we cannot cancel your old Advance ticket.
Once we have received your email, we will cancel your old Advance ticket, and make a refund to the payment card that you paid with. We will typically process the refund within five days. The refund should appear in your payment card account within a further one or two days.   We will always refund the value of the cheaper Advance ticket:
  • if your new Advance ticket costs the same as, or more than, your old Advance ticket, we will refund the cost of your old Advance ticket in full.
  • if your new Advance ticket costs less than your old Advance ticket, we will refund the cost of your new Advance ticket.
There is no fee to change your Advance ticket. Railsmartr is the only train ticket retailer that does not charge a fee for this!

Can I get a refund for my Advance ticket?

Advance tickets are generally non refundable, so you can’t get a refund for your Advance ticket. But hang on, there are a few exceptions:

  • Your train has been cancelled and you decide not to travel
  • The train operator has advised you not to travel because of service disruptions
  • You have abandoned your journey because of delays.
If none of these apply to you and you’d still like to refund your Advance ticket because you can’t use it, you have the option to amend your ticket. This means you can exchange your Advance ticket to a different date or time, as long as you request this no later than 15 minutes before the first train in your booking departs. The only proviso – it needs to be exactly the same journey. And while most online train ticket retailers make you pay up to £10 for this service, we won’t charge you a penny. So don’t let that Advance ticket go to waste. Get in touch with us and amend your ticket now. More details on how to amend Advance tickets are available here.