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How do I collect tickets from a station?

If you opt to collect your tickets from a station (sometimes called “Ticket on Departure”) then you will be provided with an 8-digit “Customer Reference” (in a format such as X8LKRT7W). You will need both that and the card you paid with to collect your tickets from the station. It is usually quickest to collect your tickets from a ticket machine, rather than from the booking office (if there is one). To do this:
  • choose the “collect pre-paid tickets” option on the screen
  • insert your card into the card reader (you will not be charged)
  • remove your card when instructed to do so, and type in the 8-digit Customer Reference on the screen
  • select the journeys you want to print (it’s usually best to select “all”)
  • your tickets will be printed and dispensed. Check that the correct number of coupons has been printed – as well as your tickets there may be seat reservations or other supplements, and there will always be a collection receipt printed last
If you have any problems please contact station staff or call us. Our Customer Service helpline can be reached by calling 03330 153 488* (Monday-Sunday 7am-10pm), 

Can I collect my tickets from any station?

You can collect your tickets from any station that has ticket collection facilities. It does not have to be from the station you’re travelling from or the station you chose when you booked your tickets. Over 1,000 stations have ticket collection facilities now.