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What is Ticket on Departure?

Ticket on departure is an option that you have if you book tickets with Railsmartr. It’s exactly what it sounds like – you can pick up the tickets from the station before you go!

What is Ticket on Departure?

It means that you’ll get a paper ticket. If you choose to buy your tickets in this way, then you’ll receive a collection code. You can visit any ticket machine at any station in order to collect your tickets.

How do I use Ticket on Departure?

You’ll need the same card that you paid with. Every machine has a collect tickets open on the screen. Just insert your card, then remove it when you’re told to. After this, you can enter your code.

Once you’ve entered your collection code, you’ll be shown the tickets on the booking. You can then print the tickets. Make sure that you have all of your tickets and that you haven’t left any in the machine.

The tickets are usually available 10 minutes after booking, but it can be near instantaneous.

Do I have to collect my tickets from a specific station?

There’s no need to collect your tickets from a specific station. We’ll ask you to choose a station from a list, but this is just to show you which stations will allow you to collect your ticket.

If you departure station doesn’t have a ticket machine, then you’ll need to visit a station which does, before you travel. You cannot travel using your booking confirmation. The Find a Station feature on the National Rail website will tell you if your station has a ticket machine.

You may prefer to use eTickets in this case. You can either print them at home or show them on a device of your choice.

How do I select Ticket on Departure on Railsmartr?

When you get to the last step in your booking on Railsmartr, it’ll usually be the second option:

Railsmartr website showing how to collect ticket on departure bookings

Simply select this option, and we’ll give you tickets on departure. Keep an eye out for the email which will contain your collection code.