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Will I receive assistance on the train and at stations?

When travelling by train in Great Britain, you’re able to make use of the Passenger Assist service. Staff can help you if you require assistance on the train and at stations.

Who can receive assistance on the train and at stations?

You can pre-book assistance if you’re elderly, disabled or have an invisible disability or impairment. Passenger Assist teams can help you with your luggage, help you to get on and off the train and around the station, or just give you a bit of guidance in an unfamiliar setting. They’ll also be able to assist if part of your journey involves a rail replacement bus.

Assistance on the train and at stations can be pre-booked by filling in this form or by downloading the Passenger Assistance app. You can find more information on their website. If you’d prefer, you can also contact the operator of your journey who will be able to book assistance for you.

What if a station isn’t accessible to me?

If a station isn’t accessible to you, then you should contact the operator who runs it. You can use the National Rail Find a Station tool to do this. Alternatively, you can call the operator who’s running the train that you’ll be travelling on. They all have dedicated Passenger Assist teams.

They’ll be able to arrange some sort of alternative transport for you. In most cases, this will be a taxi that will take you to and from the nearest accessible station. These taxis will not normally take you to and from your home address.

When should I book the assistance?

When pre-booking assistance on the train or at stations, you should do this a minimum of two hours before travel in order to guarantee it. Pre-bookings made after this time cannot be guaranteed, particularly during busier periods.

Alternatively, feel free to approach any member of on-train or station staff during your journey. To find more information on accessible travel, you can consult the National Rail Conditions of Travel.

If you require any assistance with purchasing your ticket, please contact us.