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Can you take pets on trains?

You’re able to take pets on trains. In fact, the majority of Train Operating Companies (TOC) allow you to take up to two dogs, or other small domestic animals, with you on the train at no extra cost. 

When travelling with dogs, they should not occupy a seat and should remain on the floor next to you, without obstructing the aisle. 

When taking other pets on trains, they should be enclosed in a basket or a pet carrier. The size of this shouldn’t exceed 85 × 60 × 60cm. Please be aware that you are fully responsible for any pets that you choose to bring along on your journey, so they shouldn’t interfere with the comfort of safety of your fellow passengers. For full details, please refer to the National Rail Conditions of Travel.

What if I’m travelling with an assistance animal?

Passenger Assist teams will be able to book an additional seat for you, in order to give your assistance dog or other animal the necessary floor space to help you on your journey. Please note that Railsmartr is unable to reserve additional seats directly.

To find out more, visit our dedicated page about receiving assistance on the train.