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How do I know if a station has step-free access?

Step-free access can be something that makes your journey more comfortable. It could even be the reason that your journey is possible at all! But, how do you know if a station has step-free access?

What is step-free access?

If a station is step-free, then this means that a station has ramps, lifts and/or another means of access to ensure that everyone can access their train comfortably and safely.

Some stations might only be partly step-free. For example, one platform might have level access, but you can only get to the other one by using a stepped footbridge.

Step-free access doesn’t mean that the gap between the train and the platform is completely level. It only means that you’re able to get to the platform without needing to use any steps.

How to find if a station has step-free access 

The National Rail website contains is the most complete source of information on stations which are step-free. It’ll also tell you what kind of access that might be. For example, if it’s a lift or a ramp. Here’s how to find the information that you’re looking for:

When you visit the site, choose ‘Stations‘:

national rail website

This will take you to their Find a Station page. Next, you’ll need to pop in your desired station:

search bar for finding a station on national rail website

Finally, select ‘Accessibility and Support’. In this section, you’ll find all of the information you need about a station being step-free, whether it covers all platforms and whether staff are available to help if you need them.

If a page says ‘please check details’, just click on the info symbol to the right-hand side.

step free access information for newcastle

In this example, we can see that this station is completely step-free, but the ramps are a bit steep in some parts of it. For some passengers, that might not be a problem, but others might prefer to have some assistance.

I’d like some assistance with my journey. What can I do?

If you’d like some help on your journey, including if your nearest station isn’t accessible at all, then you can take a look at our dedicated page about receiving assistance on the train.

Need some assistance in buying your ticket with Railsmartr? Not a problem, simply take a look at our guide to booking a ticket or you can contact us.