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Can I use rail tickets on Tyne and Wear Metro?

Yes, it’s possible to use rail tickets on Tyne & Wear Metro. There are a couple of types of tickets that are accepted for travel. 

Which rail tickets can I use on Tyne & Wear Metro?

Firstly, you’re able to use any rail ticket issued to Newcastle Airport or a Metro Zone (A, B or C). These are journeys that can only be completed on Metro services. 

However, the main journey that you’re likely to be making is from Newcastle to Heworth or Sunderland, or vice versa.

Any ticket (other than a train-specific Advance ticket which doesn’t specify a Metro journey) which is valid on the train between Newcastle, Heworth and Sunderland is also valid on Tyne & Wear Metro. 

Your ticket doesn’t have to be issued to Newcastle, Heworth or Sunderland. For example, a flexible ticket from Edinburgh to York is valid via Sunderland, so you can use it on the Tyne & Wear Metro. Your ticket won’t work in the ticket barrier, so just show it to staff. 

Here at Railsmartr, we’ll show you if the best option involves a Tyne & Wear Metro train: 

railsmartr website showing a journey where you can use rail tickets on tyne and wear metro

Which stations can I travel to?

If you’re using a rail ticket on Tyne & Wear Metro, then you’re only able to travel to Newcastle (Central Station)Heworth and Sunderland. You can’t enter or exit at intermediate stations along the way. Your ticket also isn’t valid at the other stations in Newcastle City Centre. 

All of the stations on the Metro system are Compulsory Ticket Areas. This means that you’re not allowed onto the platforms without a valid ticket. 

If you have a Ticket on Departure booking, then you’ll need to collect it from a National Rail ticket machine before you travel. Metro ticket machines won’t be able to issue your ticket. 

Can I use Metro tickets on the train?

Yes, you can use a Metro ticket on trains between Newcastle, Heworth and Sunderland. If you have a Railcard though, it’s cheaper to buy a rail ticket (such as on the Railsmartr website). This is because tickets bought at Metro ticket machines don’t get a discount.