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Can I use a Railcard with split tickets?

Yes, you can use a Railcard with split tickets. After all, they’re just a combination of the same single and return tickets that you’d otherwise buy! There are a couple of things to bear in mind, though.

For one, the restrictions that apply to your Railcard will apply to every ticket that you buy. For example, if there’s a minimum fare or if the Railcard isn’t valid before a particular time. In some cases, you might find this to be quite useful! If your Railcard isn’t valid before 09:30, and you want to travel at 09:00, then you can buy a shorter, undiscounted ticket, then have a discount apply to the rest of your journey.

Secondly, if your Railcard is only valid when there is a group of you (such as a Two Together Railcard) then you’ll need to stick together for the whole journey when you’re using a Railcard with split tickets. The same applies if you’re using Groupsave tickets.

We’ve written more about Railcards and how you can know which restrictions apply to them in our dedicated guide. Looking to know more about split tickets? We’ve written more about them, too.