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What are Groupsave train tickets?

Groupsave train tickets are the ideal alternative if you’re making a journey as a small group but don’t have Railcards. So long as you stick together on your trip, you can make some great savings. Take a look at this handy guide to see where Groupsave train tickets are available and how to buy them.

What are Groupsave train tickets?

The clue’s in the name! They’re designed to help you save while you’re travelling in a small group of between 3 and 9 people. So long as the group stays together for the entire journey, you’ll each get 34% off.

During the week, they’re only valid at Off-Peak times. You’re able to discount the following tickets with a Groupsave discount:

  • Off-Peak and Super-Off Peak Day Singles & Returns
  • Off-Peak and Super-Off Peak Singles & Returns (Some routes only, usually where there’s no equivalent ‘day’ ticket)
  • Anytime and Anytime Day Singles (for use in Off-Peak times only where there’s no equivalent Off-Peak ticket)
  • Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak Day Travelcards (issued from stations outside of London Zones 1-6).

For some operators, you’re only able to discount trips where you make the outward and return journey on the same day. In the table below, we’d recommend clicking on the relevant operator to see whether they’re offered for multiple-day trips.

How do I get the Groupsave discount?

It couldn’t be simpler! Just book through the Railsmartr website as you usually would. Groupsave train tickets will be automatically offered to you if they’re available. There’s no need to enter any Railcards or other discounts into the site.

Who’s offering Groupsave train tickets?

A number of different operators offer Groupsave train tickets. While the discount is the same though, some things can vary. For example, some only offer it on certain routes. Our table below will give you a handy summary of what to expect from each company that offers them:

CompanyAny extra restrictions?
c2cNot valid on Travelcards wholly within London Zones 1-6
Chiltern RailwaysNot valid on Travelcards wholly within London Zones 1-6
East Midlands RailwayNot available for journeys to/from London St Pancras
Gatwick ExpressNo
Great NorthernNot valid on Travelcards wholly within London Zones 1-6, on LNER or on East Midlands Railway to/from London St Pancras.
Great Western RailwayNot valid on Travelcards wholly within London Zones 1-6
Greater AngliaNot valid on Travelcards wholly within London Zones 1-6
London Northwestern RailwayNo
London OvergroundNo
SoutheasternNot valid on Travelcards wholly within London Zones 1-6
SouthernNot valid on Travelcards wholly within London Zones 1-6. Availability may be restricted during major events.
South Western RailwayNo
Stansted ExpressA differently-named 34% discount is offered for journeys between Stansted Airport and London Liverpool Street, known as ‘Group 3’ and ‘Group 4’. The discount will be applied for groups travelling in multiples of three and four.
ThameslinkNot valid on Travelcards wholly within London Zones 1-6
West Midlands RailwayNo

All information offered in this table is issued without liability. It was correct at the time of writing (18 Nov 2022) but can be subject to change at any time. Railsmartr is not responsible for any loss or inconvenience incurred as a result of the information provided.

Remember that Groupsave is only valid on companies that offer it, even if you have a ticket routed ‘Any Permitted’. You can also find out more information about Groupsave train tickets on the National Rail website.

How do I know if I’m getting the discount?

To make sure that you’re getting Groupsave train tickets with Railsmartr, there are a couple of things that you need to look out for. First of all though, you just need to select your journey as normal. Make sure that you select between three and nine adults:

groupsave train tickets: journey selection

Then, we’ll show you the prices for your journey. When you find the journey you’re after, click on the price offered. After you’ve done that, click on the ‘i’ symbol (highlighted in yellow):

groupsave train tickets: ticket selection

When you click on this symbol, we’ll give you a breakdown of what’s included with the ticket and how much each one costs. It’s a lot of information, but we’ve highlighted the part to look for in yellow:

groupsave train tickets: ticket information

In the row called ‘Passengers’, we’ll break down each ticket that you’re about to buy. Groupsave is shown as a Railcard discount (but don’t worry, you don’t need a Railcard for it) and is usually called something like ‘GS3’. When you’re sure that this is the set of tickets you’d like, you can go ahead and buy them!

Ready to book your next journey? Simply visit the Railsmartr website.