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East Linton Station is open!

We paid a visit to the brand-new East Linton station.
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On December 13, 2023, a new station was opened in Scotland. East Linton station makes it possible to get to and from Edinburgh in less than 20 minutes and gives the area direct trains to Berwick, Newcastle and beyond.

So, what’s it like and which trains go there? I went to visit the station on its first full day of operation on December 14th.

Where is East Linton Station?

East Linton Station is just on the edge of East Linton village, and it’s around 23 miles from Edinburgh. It’s situated between the existing stations at Drem and Dunbar.

What is East Linton Station like?

So, on December 14th, I decided to go out and sample the new station for myself. I took the 07:08 TransPennine Express service from Newcastle, which took around 85 minutes to make the journey.

The conductor even made a special announcement about the station, which began with ‘good news for train buffs…‘. Guilty as charged! They also handed out some branded tote bags with a couple of goodies in. The commemorative ticket was a nice touch. The Tunnocks teacake was a bit squashed, but I begrudgingly ate it anyway – a balanced breakfast and all that!

east linton station merch

It was heartening to see that the train got fairly busy the further north we went. The TransPennine Express services on this route have become genuinely quite popular. What’s more, we had many people boarding at Reston. This is another new station which opened on the route in May 2022.

“Huh, everyone’s off to East Linton today”, was the response of the guard when he checked my ticket. I expected quite a crowd to be alighting with me.

So, it was a slight surprise to see that I was alone in getting off the train, though also not surprising at all. Who’s going to travel north into East Linton at half 8 on a Thursday? The good news though is that quite a few commuters had already adopted East Linton station as the best way to get into Edinburgh. There were a couple of dozen people getting on as I jumped off.

As for the station itself, it’s what you’d expect from a modern railway station in 2023. It had two long(ish) platforms, a footbridge with lifts and a car park. Some banners were marking the opening:

TPE train arrives at East Linton station

So, what is there in East Linton?

I briefly looked at East Linton station and noticed that it seemed to be a handy thoroughfare for people getting into the village. In particular, the schoolkids heading to the nearby Primary School looked to be enjoying the chance to watch the trains on their way in.

As for what’s in the village? I will confess, not a huge amount, but it is pretty immaculate. I visited in the festive season, and it’s no exaggeration when I say that every single lamppost had a wreath on it:

wreath in east linton

Meanwhile, a short walk out of the village will first take you past the Prestonkirk Church:

prestonkirk church, east linton

Next, if you take a sharp turn right past the church, you can cross the River Tyne. On the day of my visit, it looked rather lively and swollen, but there were plenty of folk enjoying the fresh air and morning sunlight.

Main Attractions

The main attraction is also within sight from here, which is the Preston Mill. It was the region’s last working watermill, and it’s still possible to pay a visit several days a week. You can take a guided tour and learn more about the gruelling work that was undertaken within its walls! As it was a cold Thursday morning in December though, I had to settle for some curious exploring around the outside:

preston mill, east linton

Next, it’s just a short walk over the river to the fantastically named Phantassie Doocot. It’s a rather peculiar structure which was once used to house swathes of local pigeons:

phantassie doocot

Bringing your furry friend with you? You’ll both like Smeaton Dogwood. It’s a piece of wild woodland where dogs can roam free, but it’s completely secure, so you don’t need to worry about them straying too far.

As for me, though, I headed for the lovely Bostock Bakery for a coffee and impressively-sized Pain au Chocolat:

So, would I recommend that you pack up the family for a day trip to East Linton? Not necessarily. However, if you want to explore somewhere new (that’s genuinely lovely) then you could do worse than taking a train up to East Linton station. I very much enjoyed my short visit.

Which trains go to East Linton Station?

East Linton station is situated between Drem and Dunbar and it’s served by the following trains:

  • ScotRail services from Edinburgh to Dunbar (Five trains to Edinburgh and six to Dunbar on weekdays, four and five respectively on Saturdays)
  • TransPennine Express services from Edinburgh to Newcastle (Five trains to Edinburgh and six to Berwick or Newcastle on weekdays, seven in each direction on Saturdays, four trains to Edinburgh and five trains to Berwick or Newcastle on Sundays).

Put simply, it isn’t a ‘consistent’ timetable. However, you can expect trains to East Linton station every day of the week.

As part of the ScotRail Off-Peak fares trial, the return fare to other stations in Scotland is exactly the same, no matter when you travel. At the moment, it’s £10 for a return to Edinburgh or £8 if you stick to TransPennine Express.

Will any new stations be opening soon?

A few days earlier, a new station opened at Brent Cross West. It’s served by Thameslink trains going between Sutton and St Albans, and Rainham and Luton.

In 2024, we’re expecting these stations to open:

  • White Rose (between Cottingley/Morley, on the route between Leeds and Huddersfield)
  • Butetown (on the short line to Cardiff Bay)
  • Darlaston (on the Wolverhampton – Walsall line)
  • Willenhall (on the Wolverhampton – Walsall line)
  • Kings Heath (on the Birmingham – Kings Norton ‘Camp Hill’ line)
  • Moseley Village (on the Birmingham – Kings Norton ‘Camp Hill’ line)
  • Pineapple Road (on the Birmingham – Kings Norton ‘Camp Hill’ line).

Two railway lines will also be reopened to passengers. One is the line to Leven, in Fife (with a new station also at Cameron Bridge). The other is the Northumberland Line, with new stations at Northumberland Park, Seaton Delaval, Newsham, Blyth Bebside, Bedlington and Ashington.

Is there anything else I should know?

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