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Are there power sockets on trains?

Make sure you're able to stay connected on your next trip.

Many of us want to stay connected while we’re on the move. So, it’s always good to know whether you’ll be able to charge up on the train. Don’t worry though, as we’ve put together this quick guide to power sockets on trains, so you’ll know whether or not you need to pack a power bank on your next trip.

Are there power sockets on trains?

In most cases these days, yes! Most trains have power sockets available for you to use. They might have a three-pin socket, a USB slot or both. They’ll either be on the wall, under the seat in front of you or under your own seat. If you’re sat at the table, they might be under the table itself or fixed to the table. 

If a socket is attached to the wall, then you can only access it if you have a window seat.

Where will I find power sockets on trains?

Here’s our quick summary of each company and whether you can expect to find a power socket on the trains that they operate. It isn’t always as straightforward as ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but most companies have a pretty consistent approach.

Company Three-pin socket? USB port? Where?
Avanti West Coast Yes1 Yes1 On seat in front/on table/ wall
c2c No No N/A
Chiltern Railways Longer-distance services only2 No Wall/on table
CrossCountry On ‘Voyager’ trains only3 No Wall
East Midlands Railway InterCity services only Some ‘Regional’ services Wall
Elizabeth Line No No N/A
Gatwick Express Yes No Wall
Grand Central Yes No Wall
Great Northern Yes No Wall/under seat
Great Western Railway Yes Most trains Wall/under seat
Greater Anglia Yes Yes Under seat
Heathrow Express Yes Yes Wall
Hull Trains Yes Yes Under seat
LNER Yes First Class only Under seat (Azuma)/wall (Electric Train)
London Overground No Some trains Between carriages/behind drivers cab
Lumo Yes Yes Under seat in front
Merseyrail Yes4 Yes4 Under seat
Northern Some trains5 Almost all trains5 Under seat/wall
ScotRail Yes Some trains Under seat/wall/on table
Southeastern Most trains6 Some trains6 Under seat/wall
Southern Most trains6 Most trains6 Wall
South Western Railway All except ‘suburban’ services near London Some trains Wall
Thameslink First Class only No Under seat
TransPennine Express Yes Yes Under seat/wall
Transport for Wales Yes Yes Under seat/wall
West Midlands Trains Yes7 Yes7 Under seat/wall

Is there anything else I should know?

We’ve written some footnotes below where the situation isn’t quite so straightforward! Otherwise, you’re all set.

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1 – Avanti West Coast is currently refurbishing its ‘Pendolino’ trains. On unrefurbished trains, you’ll only find sockets at tables in Standard Class.

2 – All London-Birmingham services and some London-Oxford services.

3 – Voyager trains run between Scotland/Newcastle and the South West, and Manchester and the South Coast.

4 – Merseyrail are currently replacing their fleet. Older trains do not have power sockets.

5 – Northern has a very diverse fleet of trains. Almost all trains will have either a USB socket or a three-pin socket. A small number don’t have either.

6 – Southern and Southeastern are currently refurbishing their trains and adding sockets. ‘Javelin’ trains will soon be fitted with USB-C ports.

7 – All services except the ‘CrossCity’ line, and other trains that have a 3+2 seating layout.

All information is issued without liability and was correct at August 2023. Railsmartr is not responsible for any loss or inconvenience incurred as a result of the information provided.