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What should I do if I’ve lost a train ticket?

If you’ve collected a paper ticket from a ticket machine and have lost it, unfortunately we’re unable to reissue it. We know that having a lost train ticket can be frustrating.

What if I’ve already collected a lost train ticket?

A lost train ticket cannot be cancelled or refunded. This is because we require proof that the ticket has been defaced/cut up in order to issue a refund. 

In the event of a lost train ticket, you have two options: 

  • You can purchase another ticket. We’re unable to reissue previously collected tickets. If you still have a while until you travel, this is likely to be the least costly option compared to buying again on the day. We’ll be more than happy to help you find the cheapest alternative ticket
  • Speak to staff on the day. While Railsmartr doesn’t have the authority to allow you to travel having lost a train ticket, staff at the station or on the train may be able to help. Ticket offices can also issue ’emergency’ ticket replacements in exceptional circumstances. 

Can I show my booking confirmation?

Showing a booking confirmation or a reservation is not allowed, unless you’ve been given permission to travel with one. The only thing that staff can accept is a ticket. We’d advise getting written permission if you’ve been allowed to use your booking confirmation, in order to avoid any issues on your journey. Don’t board a train and wait for a member of staff to come to you; you should seek them out at the first opportunity. 

How can I avoid a lost train ticket?

To avoid having a lost train ticket, you should keep your tickets in a safe place. Alternatively, why not try an eTicket instead? eTickets allow you to have the ticket on your device but also to be printed out. This means that you can easily have a backup option. 

If you’re using an eTicket but lose access to it and need it to be reissued, that’s not a problem. We’re able to check if an eTicket has been used, meaning that we can quickly send it to you again if you haven’t been able to use it.

You can find out more about eTickets in our guide to getting your tickets

If you’ve lost your booking confirmation or you’re unsure how to collect your tickets from the machine, then that’s not a problem. Simply contact us and we’ll be more than happy to locate your booking. 

To find out more about your rights when travelling, take a look at the National Rail Conditions of Travel