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What happens when a train time has changed after booking?

If a train time has changed after booking, then this can be frustrating. Don’t worry though, there are a couple of things to look out for, and ways that Railsmartr can help you with this. 

Why has my train time changed after booking?

The departure or arrival time of a train can change for a number of reasons. At the moment, this is usually because of industrial action. On strike days, or during an overtime ban, some operators will choose to change their timetable in order to deliver a manageable and predictable level of service. 

It might also be that short-notice engineering works have been announced. Some companies will also put their trains on sale while they’re still confirming the timetable. In the case of the latter though, there shouldn’t be a drastic change to the time that you’ve booked. 

What will Railsmartr do if this happens?

If a train company updates the timetable, so that we can see that the train time has changed after booking, then we will let you know. You’ll receive an email that looks like this if you book through Railsmartr

Email from Railsmartr showing a train time changed after booking

Can I get a refund if the train time changed after booking?

Yes, you’re entitled to a fee-free change or refund if the train time changes after booking. However, if it’s just changed by a few minutes, then don’t worry. Your reservation will remain the same, and your original ticket will be valid. 

Similarly, if your train is cancelled, you don’t need to rebook your ticket. You’re simply allowed to use the train before or train after that is operated by the same company stated on your ticket. 

If your trip has been disrupted by industrial action, then there’ll be more extensive ticket acceptance in place. This will allow you to use your ticket on a different day, if you want to.