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Can I bring bikes on the train?

You’re allowed to take bikes on most trains. Usually, there will be some restrictions during peak times, or you might be required to make a cycle reservation before you travel. 

When taking bikes on trains, you should ensure that they’re stored in the right place. Non-folding bikes are not allowed to be stored in doorways, wheelchair spaces or anywhere else that they might cause passengers difficulty in moving through the train. 

If you choose to make a bike reservation, there’s no charge for doing this. If you’ve made a reservation, we’d recommend arriving at the station at least 10 minutes before your train leaves. This will give you time to find a member of staff to assist you. Some cycle areas on trains are located in staff-only areas, so they’ll need to unlock them for you. 

Most long-distance trains will require you to make a reservation. The exception is Lumo, who do not allow you to bring non-folding bikes on board. 

You can bring folding bikes on trains without restriction, with a couple of exceptions: 

  • On c2c and Stansted Express, folding bikes should be in a carrying case
  • East Midlands Railway, LNER and South Western Railway allow folding bikes to be carried, provided that they’re stored as luggage 
  • During peak times, you can only store one bike per vestibule area on London Overground

You’ll find specific policies for each train operator online or in ask in person at staffed station ticket offices. It’s also worth looking on National Rail’s cycling page for up to date information on what you need to do when you’re bringing bikes on trains.