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Can I get Delay Repay with split tickets?

Yes, you’re still entitled to Delay Repay with split tickets. You can still claim for all of the tickets that formed your journey, too. Let’s go through an example to show how Delay Repay with split tickets works.

If you’re travelling from Newcastle to Scarborough, then you could have a ticket from Newcastle to York and York to Scarborough. For this journey, you’d need to change at York. If your second train from York to Scarborough is delayed or cancelled, then you can still claim Delay Repay on both tickets for the entire journey.

There are a couple of things to bear in mind:

  • You’ll need to obey the minimum connection time if you’re changing trains. When you book with Railsmartr, that’s not a problem. We’ll sell you the cheapest combination of tickets for the journey. If you’re booking the tickets separately, be careful! We’d recommend using this website to check how long you need to leave between trains. Simply pop in a station and it’ll tell you:

delay repay split tickets info - minimum connection time at newcastle station

  • Additionally, make sure that there aren’t any gaps in your tickets. For example, if you book from Bristol to London Paddington, then London King’s Cross to York, then there’s a gap in the journey. You could only claim Delay Repay for the whole trip if there was a ticket covering travel on the Underground between the two London stations.

So, how do you claim Delay Repay? You’ll need to claim from the first company that delayed you. Even if you miss another connection on the way or there’s another delay, you’ll always claim from the first one.

Remember, multiple tickets can make up a journey. So, you can claim compensation for the whole journey, not just one of the tickets. Take a look at our guide to Delay Repay for more information.