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Can I get Delay Repay compensation from Railsmartr?

Unfortunately, you can’t get Delay Repay Compensation from Railsmartr. You’ll need to get in touch with the train operator you travelled with.

To qualify

  • Your train must be delayed by at least 15 minutes reaching the destination on your ticket. Sometimes it may be at least 30 minutes – this varies by train operator
  • Make sure you haven’t refunded your tickets – you’ll need these for your Delay Repay claim
  • Claim with 28 days of your ticket being valid. This can also vary so it’s best to check your train operator’s website for details.

Who to contact

  • Get in touch with the train operating company that caused the delay
  • If your journey involved more than one late train operator, you should contact the one that caused your first delay
  • Need more help getting the right amount of compensation from the train operators? Just email us at hello@railsmartr.co.uk. We’ll be happy to help!

Find out more about Delay Repay compensation, refunding or amending your ticket on our handy help pages.