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Are split tickets refundable?

Yes, split tickets can be refundable. It all depends on the ticket type that you have. In any case, it’s always possible to exchange them for another date/time, no matter which ticket type you have.

Which split tickets are refundable?

If you have any of these tickets in your split ticket combination, then you’re able to refund them fee-free:

  • Anytime
  • Off-Peak
  • Super Off-Peak.

Your split tickets are refundable if they’re made up of these ticket types. If you have an Advance ticket as part of your split tickets, then any ‘Advance’ parts aren’t refundable.

Instead, you can exchange them for another date and time, so long as you purchase your new tickets and send us all of the details before the original train departs. In these cases, you’re also able to exchange your Anytime, Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets if they form part of the same booking.

What happens if I exchange for a non-split ticket or vice-versa?

If you want to change your Advance tickets for a different date and time, then don’t worry if the combination of tickets for the journey is different. It’s also not a problem if you’re exchanging split tickets for non-split ones or vice-versa.

After all, we’ve offered you the cheapest option for your journey, so you shouldn’t be penalised for that. So long as the journey is the same, then you’re all set. You can tell which kind of ticket you’re buying depending on whether there’s a Split single or Split return badge:

non-refundable split tickets on railsmartr site

What happens if I abandon my journey?

It all depends on why! If you decide only to travel part of the way, then you can receive a refund on the split tickets that you don’t use. If they’re not refundable, then you can exchange them for a different date, so long as you tell us before the date/time of departure on the unused ticket.

Caught up in disruption? No worries. If you need to abandon your journey for this reason, then you can claim a refund on all of the split tickets in your booking, as per the National Rail Conditions of Travel.

You would need to claim this refund from us. As is always the case, if you complete your journey, but with a delay, you claim Delay Repay from the first rail operator that delayed you. If you abandon your journey, you’ll be able to claim a full refund from Railsmartr.

You can find out more on our dedicated page about split tickets.