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Are split tickets legal?

Split tickets are legal! There are no rules against using split tickets and they’re a great way to save money when you book with Railsmartr. However, there are a couple of things that you will need to remember:

  • Split tickets are legal but you need to make sure that your train stops at the point where you change tickets. If you have a split single or return ticket, then your train will need to stop at all of the stations where your tickets are to/from
  • Make sure that you leave enough time to change trains. This isn’t a problem if you book with Railsmartr, but if you choose to book tickets separately, you’ll need to obey the minimum connection time at any station that you change at. If you don’t leave enough time (usually five minutes at smaller stations, up to 10 at larger ones and up to 15 at major interchanges) then you aren’t entitled to any compensation if there’s a delay
  • Remember your rights. Split ticketing does not affect your rights under the National Rail Conditions of Travel.

Looking to book split tickets with Railsmartr? Take a look at our handy guide and keep an eye out for the split ticket symbol when you book:

example of split tickets on railsmartr site