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Are there cheap train tickets to Manchester Airport?

So, you’re ready to jet off on an adventure. All that’s left is booking your train tickets! But, will you find ones at the right price and what happens if your flight is delayed when you come back? Don’t worry – here’s our guide to finding the best train tickets to Manchester Airport.

Can I get cheap train tickets to Manchester Airport from the City Centre?

This is a great question. After all, you might already have tickets from elsewhere, or you might be a local. When it comes to buying cheap train tickets to Manchester Airport, it often isn’t worth committing to a specific train well in advance. The most expensive single fare (valid on any train) is £6.20, so this is as high as it can get. Let’s take a look at what our options are if we want to get on the next trains from Manchester Piccadilly straight away:

railsmartr website showing tickets from manchester picc to manchester airport

Well, Northern are definitely the cheapest option. The 12:36 train was just seven minutes away when we did this search, so there’s no need to book up weeks in advance. The Transport for Wales service is a little more expensive, but only by just over a pound.

Our best advice is to get yourself to the station, pop onto the Railsmartr site on the way, and book the next and most convenient train.

How much do tickets cost from Newcastle?

If you’re coming from further afield, then you’ll probably want to book a little further in advance for cheap train tickets to Manchester Airport. Here’s what we see a month in advance:

railsmartr website showing cheap train tickets to manchester airport from newcastle

It’s a lot cheaper to stick with TransPennine Express trains for the whole journey. Of course, you should make sure that you leave enough time to catch your flight, too.

Are there cheap train tickets to Manchester Airport from Leeds?

Coming from Leeds? You might find it to be cheaper to book a ticket to Manchester Victoria first, before buying another to Manchester Airport. You can either take a direct train from Victoria, or pop on the tram across to Piccadilly for more options. This might be a better option if you’re travelling light and not in a rush.

This is because Northern typically offer much cheaper fares across the Pennines. Of course, if you have a lot of luggage, then you may prefer to use a direct train.

What if my flight is delayed when I return?

When it comes to booking train tickets to Manchester Airport, and back, you’ll usually find that Advance tickets are cheaper. However, these do require you to catch a specific train.

So, what happens if your flight is late? Don’t worry. If you’re making a long-distance journey with TransPennine Express, all Advance tickets from Manchester Airport are known as Airport Advance tickets. This means that you can catch a train up to three hours after the one you booked if there’s a flight delay.

When you buy from the Railsmartr website, just click on the price. We’ll show you what kind of ticket you’re buying:

railsmartr website showing tickets from manchester airport

If you’re travelling a shorter distance with Northern, it’s probably easier to just buy tickets when you land. Their Advance tickets are usually available right up until the train leaves, so just head to the Railsmartr website once you’re back on the ground.

Is there anything else I should know?

Thinking of taking a trip soon? You can book it all with Railsmartr. We’ll be sure to show you the slower and cheaper options, so you can get the best value fare for your journey.

Changed your mind? Need to travel on a different day? No problem at all. You can change or refund your ticket (if it’s refundable) without any extra fees.

All fares stated on this page are for ONE adult with no Railcard discount and were correct at 12:00 22/06/23. They’re subject to change at any time and Railsmartr are not responsible for any loss or disappointment incurred as a result of the information provided.